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Sex, Desire and Data

Sex, Desire and Data is an interactive and multisensory journey that explores the link between sexualities and technologies. This 500 m2 immersive experience offers a unique look at the complex mapping of our too often binary sexualities. Sex, Desire and Data offers the opportunity to positively and inclusively explore tension between humans and interfaces, but also the boundaries between the fluidity of our desires and their digital categorisations. Sex, Desire and Data is a journey of seven experiences that will take you to 7th heaven, nothing less. With your latest "match" called Max, you will discover everything that connects our sexuality to technology, in an inclusive and accessible environment.
Visit the Sex Desire and Data website.

A co-production: a_BAHN (Luxembourg)  and PHI Studio (Canada).

Ceci est mon Coeur
(This is my heart)

Ceci est mon Coeur is the contemporary tale of an extraordinary love story - a child’s magical reconciliation with his body. This child is us. This story is ours. The story of the reconciliation of the child that we were and the adult that we are now, with our bodies hurt and broken, but that we love, despite everything, with all our heart. An intimate story that we share in the form of an immersive large-format in situ tale that combines connected clothing and interactive video-mapping.

Designed to accommodate between 20 and 30 people simultaneously, Ceci est mon coeur is an immersive experience intended for cultural and artistic centres and places dedicated to immersion. By allowing audiences to interact thanks to the connected clothing they are equipped with, Ceci est mon coeur offers a sensory odyssey in which the audience and the narrator go hand in hand in a common declaration of love.

Ceci est mon coeur is at the forefront of the industry in terms of innovation. In contrast to technological exhibitions of the same type, Ceci est mon coeur presents itself as an entire, dynamic and living work: it is a story (a combination of live action and animation) in video-mapping with connected clothing embellished with the embroidery of lights that spectators will wear. Everything seems to breathe and react to the passage of the public. Ceci est mon coeur therefore, explores large format immersive art in new forms in order to show a visual, haptic and sound experience never before offered to the public.

A co-production : a_BAHN (Luxembourg), Lucid Realities (FR)  and PHI Studio (Canada)


More projects in the pipeline!

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