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VELVET FLARE is a unique digital and immersive art studio (xR), based in Luxembourg. The studio works on high-end artistic creations for international culture and entertainment markets.

Specialised in scenography and hybridisation of immersive technologies, VELVET FLARE aims to become an international reference in the creation of location-based immersive works. The studio includes a design and manufacturing workshop as well as a technological R&D laboratory.

The VELVET FLARE team is energised by talents from a wide variety of backgrounds: Coders, creative technologists, scenographers, 3D animators, choreographers, designers and more. It's a team at the crossroads of creative industries and high technology proposing unique and ambitious works.

VELVET FLARE brings together people from all walks of life. One of its greatest strengths is its multicultural and multi-sectoral diversity. This is what differentiates VELVET FLARE from other companies in this field. For us, XR goes hand in hand with the  ever growing gamification world in recent years. We are the only studio in Luxembourg to possess such a diversity of talents.

Another very important factor is our sensitivity towards artists who collaborate with us. We believe that our strengths lie in interfacing our artistic vision with our technological innovations.

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